Sonika Kukreja
Product Manager - Scrum Master - Agile Evangelist
Why Agile?

Here are some top reasons to adopt agile development principles and practices for an organization.

Quality Product
  • Agile makes quality a number one priority by defining and elaborating on requirements just in time so that knowledge of product features is as relevant as possible.
  • Incorporating continuous feedback on the product from the users and stakeholders during scheduled demos resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • The iterative nature of agile development means that features are developed, tested and delivered incrementally, enabling a steady delivery and realisation of benefits as the product evolves.
  • Organisations are motivated by the inherent value that comes with early delivery of product features
Reduced Risk
  • Visibility for customers into the incremental releases helps identify issues early on this makes it easier for the team to respond to the changes
  • A disciplined agile team will identify requirements that exhibits risks and address as soon as possible
Embrace Change
  • The one thing that is certain in like is change. The timescale is fixed and requirements emerge, evolve as the product is developed. In agile development, change is accepted. The goal is to succeed, not to make excuses
  • Businesses are volatile, many discoveries occur, missed requirements are unveiled during development. Agile team embraces, absorbs and delivers changes. Agile does not resist changes.
Motivated Workforce
  • Nothing great can be achieved without passion! Agile teams are passionate about the product and meeting the needs of the users
  • The active involvement, cooperation and collaboration make agile development teams a much more enjoyable place for most people. Instead of big specs, we discuss requirements in workshops. Instead of lengthy status reports, we collaborate around a task-board discussing progress